From our computer screens to your factory floor

Grain Tech uses the latest Solidworks software to complete detailed 3D models of plant equipment items planning in. Engineering design and drafting package is provided in order to complete the following requirements prior to component fabrication and installation.


  • Accurate and scaled three dimensional modelling of the entire plant/project

  • Preparation of installation arrangement design drawing details and planning in detail for the equipment and processes

  • Preparation of fabrication drawings for support stands, access platforms, brackets/fixtures, etc

  • Preparation of operation and instruction manuals together with equipment maintenance manuals








Our engineers can bring 3D images to life!

c1.jpg 2144_Finished_Plant_8.jpg





3D_modelling_Example_1.png 3D_Model_1_Bought_To_Life.png


3D_modelling_Example_2.png 3D_model_2_bought_to_life.png


3D_modelling_Example_3.png 3D_model_3_bought_to_life.png



Over the years, our engineers have brought the following designs to life