Our Universal Grain & Seed

Hulling and Processing Systems

These Grain Tech universal grain and seed hulling and processing systems are based on a modular processing arrangement which can be customised to meet the varying types of grain and seed hulling and processing requirements.

All of our arrangements perform the following three stages:

      - Intake and grain/seed pre-cleaning - including size grading

      - Hulling and grain/seed classification - including vibratory sieve product separation

      - Aspiration and hull collection

Our machines hull/process the following types of grain and seeds:

     - Hemp Seed                                           - Soybean

     - Sunflower Seed                                     - Buckwheat

     - Pumpkin Seed                                       - Oats

     - Sesame Seed                                        - Sorghum

     - Rapeseed                                              - Quinoa

     - Cotton Seed

The typical installation design for an integrated hulling and processing arrangement is shown here:

Seed Hulling and Processing Arrangement nzIntegrated seed hulling and processing arrangement 2

Typical Seed Hulling and Processing Installation Arrangement nz

Typical Seed Hulling and Processing Installation Arrangement nz 3

Typical hemp seed hulling and processing installation arrangement:


Hemp Seed Hulling and Processing Installation Arrangement nz

Hemp processing nz

Oat and Buckwheat Installation Arrangement nz

Oat and Buckwheat Grain Installation Arangement 2

Typical integrated oat and buckwheat grain preparation, grading, hulling, and classification installation arrangement:

Grain Color Sorter Arrangement

Seed Colour Sorter Arrangement nz

Plastic Colour Sorter Arrangement nz 2

Note: For the best results, we recommend incorporating a colour sorter into your line to achieve precise separations.

Typical quinoa cleaning and grading installation arrangement:

Typical Quinoa Cleaning Grading Arrangement Installation nz



Typical gravity separator installation arrangement:


Typical Gravity Separator Installation Arrangment nz

Typical quinoa flaking and screening arrangement:




Typical Quinoa Flaking Screening Arrangement

Equipment items incorporated within these processes include:

Brush Machine nz Z Type Bucket Elevator example nz Combi Cleaner nz
Combi Cleaner "Z" Type Bucket Elevator Brush Machine
Air Recycling Aspirator nz Bucket Elevator example nz Huller example nz
Air Recycle Aspirator Bucket Elevator Huller
Pre-cleaner example nz Dust Filter Collector example nz Colour Sorter example nz
Pre-cleaner Filter Collector Colour Sorter


Grain powder seed grader or classifier nz Product packer example nz Process Controller MCC example nz
Grader/Classifier Packer MCC