Grinders, crushers, and other types of milling machinery

Universal Coarse Grinder

Coarse grinder set nz

Versatile Coarse grinder nz



Coarse grinding of a wide range of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuffs applications including viscous, hard, soft and high fibre materials. Suited for sizing applications.

Operating Principle:

Size reduction is achieved through a combination of both cutting and impact from rotating and fixed knives. Fabrication is from either stainless steel or carbon steel.







Universal Coarse Crusher

Crushing Machine nz

Main Application: This machine is applied as supporting equipment, before fine crushing process in trades such as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff, etc., which has a better crushing effect for any material without limitation on its viscosity, hardness, softness and fiber etc.

Working principle: This machine is made of stainless steel according to GMP standard, and the material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper, crushed by simultaneous cutting and impact of both fixed and movable knives, and flowed to the exit automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force. With the characteristics including high output, low noise and convenient cleaning, this machine is internationally recognised as a high performing coarse crusher.


Horizontal Coarse Grinder

Industrial Grinding Machine nz


This machine is designed as the ideal processing equipment before the fine milling process within the pharmaceutical, chemical and the foodstuff industry applications. Suitable for a wide range of materials and is not limited by viscosity, hardness, softness and fibre content.

Operating Principle:

This grinder has a horizontal type structure where the material is fed into the upper chamber through a hopper and by cutting and impact of both fixed and rotating knives it flows to the exit automatically under gravity and centrifugal force. Designed according to GMP standards and made of stainless steel, this machine has a simple structure, is convenient to clean and operates with a low noise, being the ideal equipment for coarse milling and sizing applications.



Vertical Coarse Grinding Unit with Dust Collection SystemIndustrial grinding machine with dust filter collector nz


This machine is applied as a pre-grinder before fine milling process applications within the pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries. The mill is a new generation coarse milling type combining milling and material collection within the one machine

Operating Principle:

Incorporating a vertical design structure with the material being fed into the main chamber through a hopper. Size reduction is simultaneous cutting from both fixed moving knives and rotating impact of rotating knife. The milled material automatically is collected under the effect of centrifugal force, and the dust is filtered and recovered by a dust collector. Designed according to GMP standards and made from stainless steel.



Highly Efficient Fine Impact MillFine grinding mill nz


Designed for ultra-fine particle size reduction requirements, this machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industries. Features: This machine is simple in structure, easy to assemble and clean. The milling chamber and all parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel which is both acid and corrosion resistant. The mill design is in conformity with hygiene requirements. In addition this machine has a smooth operation, convenient access for cleaning, low noise, high efficiency and low power consumption.

Operating Principle:

This machine is a high speed milling unit in which material is reduced by the effect of high speed blades which have a sharp edge on one side and an impact blade on the other. Blades of different sizes and shapes are available to suit different materials and the particle size can be altered through placement of screen or adjustment of speed.


Fine Milling Unit with Dust Collection SystemFine grinding mill with dust collection unit nz


Applied for applications such as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc. This machine is a new generation fine milling combination and collection design.

Operating Principle:

This machine is a hammer milling type operating at a high speed. The material is fed into the milling chamber through a hopper by a conveyor and reduced by high speed rotating hammers. The milled material enters the filter automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force and the dust is filtered and recovered by the dust collector through a system designed according to the GMP standards.





Fine Milling Unit with Cyclonic Dust Filtration System

fine grinding mill nz with cyclone dust filtration


Is widely used within the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, magnetic material and powder industries. This new generation type milling equipment combines both milling and filter collecting and continuous discharge into a receiving station.

Operating Principle:

This machine is made up of a mill, cyclone separator; pulse cleaner and pneumatic fan etc. Material is fed into a chamber through the hopper and reduced by high speed rotating hammers. The finished material flows into the cyclone separator by the induced fan and rotating centrifugal force, then discharged through a rotary valve. Fine material passes to the pulse dust-collector to be filtered and the cleaned air is recycled by the filter socks. The particle size can be adjusted by the screen size. It is designed to GMP standards and the complete machine is made from stainless steel and also meets the hygiene process operating standards.


Stainless Steel Roller Mill

Stainless steel roller mill nz


Mainly used to grind materials which have an oil content, such as, sesame seed, peanut and almond etc., also incorporated where sizing is called for an even final particle size.

Operating Principle:

The raw materials are fed into the top roller area from a hopper where they are milled into powder or sized by the action of the rollers. Different size of the final product is achieved by adjusting the gap distance of the rollers. The machine has advantages of reliable and simple operation, low noise and high capacity and is the best mill for oily materials. Different types of roll fluting may be supplied to suit varying milling applications.




Industrial roller mill nz

Versatile fine grinding mill nz

Universal Impact Mill


Designed for milling within a wide range of applications such as, pharmaceutical, chemical, and foodstuffs etc.

Operating Principle:

Particle size reduction occurs through the action of rotating and fixed fluted discs where material is reduced by impact and friction of the teeth and impact on the material. Designed according the GMP standards and manufactured from stainless steel, with a simple structure, high output and easy cleaning. This type of universal mill is suited to handling a wide range of material types.


Stainless steel fine grinding mill nz


Universal Impact Mill with Dust Filtration System

Stainless Steel fine grinding mill with dust collection nzApplication:

Widely used within industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc. This combination mill is a new generation design combining, milling and dust collection within the one unit.

Operating Principle:

Through the relative attrition between moving and fixed fluted discs, the material is milled by impact and friction of the teeth and impact among the material. The milled material enters into the receiving hopper automatically through the effect of centrifugal force and the dust is filtered and recovered by the dust collector. Designed according to the GMP standards and made of stainless steel, this mill has no dust emissions during production.


Food grade grinding mill with dust collection nz 

Universal Impact Mill with Cyclonic Dust Collection System

B series cyclone combination pulse filter impact mill nz


This machine is used in industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and for magnetic materials/powders etc. It is a new generation series combining pneumatic collecting and continuous discharge of the finished milled product.

Operating Principle:

This machine is made up of a receiving cyclone separator, pulse filter collector and pneumatic conveyor fan etc. by means of the motion between moving and fixed fluted discs the material is reduced by impact and friction of the teeth and impact on the material. The milled material flows into the cyclone separator with the bulk discharging from the rotary valve and the particle size can be adjusted by the screen aperture. Designed to GMP standards and made from stainless steel. The installation operates without dust emissions and is suited to ultra-high hygiene milling applications.

b series cyclone combination pulse filter impact mill nz

High Fiber Milling Unit with Conveyor and Cyclone Dust Collector Grain Spice Medicinal Dried Herbal Leaves Dried Vegetable Uria GF filter collector milling unit nz


This mill is suited to applications within the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and associated industries and is specially used for high fibre materials and high oil content material milling applications

Operating Principle:

This machine is made up of main mill, cyclone separator, pulse dust-collector and pneumatic conveying system. Material is fed into the chamber through the hopper and is milled by high speed rotating hammers. The particle size can be adjusted by screen aperture. The milled material flows into the cyclone separator by the induced fan and through rotating centrifugal force, and is then discharged through the blower. Dust material enters the pulse dust-collecting filtered where the air is recycled. The filter is designed to GMP standards, and the complete unit is made of stainless steel and there are no dust emissions from the process.



Fine Grinding Fluidised Jet MillFluidised jet mill nz


The QLDJ Series Fluidised Jet Mill is the largest super fine fluidised milling machine. It combines the manifold nozzle tube technology, fluidised-bed technology and horizontal grading technology and mechanical integration. It represents the developing trend of jet milling. The super-fine powder made by this machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, mine energy, electronics, medicinal, pesticide, plastic, paper manufacturing, pigment, paint manufacturing, dyestuff, grinding paste food and cosmetic industries. It can also be used to grind high pure product such as polymer material, advanced electromagnetic material, magnetic material, semiconductor material, fine chemical, powder, catalyser, reagent, chemicals and activator etc.



Operating Principle:

The Fluidised Jet Mill consists of an air supply unit, grinding unit, powder grading and powder collecting facility. The compressed air from the air supply unit mixes with the particles from the feeding unit in the grinding chamber and forms the air solid phase flow. The supersonic airflow generated by the ejectors causes the particles to collide and impact into each other. Those particles then reach the required fineness and are released by the grading unit on the top of the machine. They are collected and packed by the collecting unit.


This machine has many advantages such as high-speed flow rate, high grading efficiency, low energy consumption, little material waste, capable of grinding material of great hardness, easy to adjust the fineness of the powder, easy operation, fully sealed chamber, wide application (can be used to grind heat sensitive material), stable and reliable operation.


Large Scale Fruit and Vegetable Blending MachineIndustrial Large fruit vegetable blender nz 


The machine is suitable for fruit and vegetable food processing applications and is used for restaurants, canteen in large scale enterprises and food factories. The machine slices fresh fruit and vegetable, into mashed and reduced particle form such as garlic, ginger, vegetables, fresh chili and fruits.

Operating Principle:

The machine is made up of a material barrel, cutting knives, sealing assembly, frame, and motor and driving shaft. The motor is installed up to the barrel and the driving shaft is directly located within the product barrel. There are two blades on the top of the shaft and the blades are installed as a X form so there is no dead angle and to improve efficiency. The blades are made of high quality stainless steel and are heat treated for long life and optimum sharpness. The sealing arrangement between the driving shaft and material barrel is made of silicon rubber. All component parts are made of food grade stainless steel while the operation is simple and convenient.Screenshot_122.png


Fine Vibratory Screener

Grain vibrating screener


This screener is designed to screen powders and granules within the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, agriculture and related industries.

Operating Principle:

This machine is comprised of an inlet hopper, vibrating drive, screen frame assembly, coupling and motor. The vibrating screen frame assembly is fitted up to the vibratory motor spindle and bearing. When eccentric weight is conveyed to the centerline of the spindle through the motor drive, it generates centrifugal force under an unbalanced state by which material is forced to form regular eddies inside. The amplitude of the weight adjustment can be regulated according to different materials and screens. The machine features a compact structure, high productivity, low noise, low energy consumption and convenient operation and maintenance.



Centrifugal ScreenerCentrifugal screener nz


An ideal screening machine used in pharmaceutical, chemical, and the foodstuff industries. This screener is particularly significant for screening high fibre, high viscosity, and high humidity, electrostatic and clammy type of products.

Operating Principle:

Material is fed into the screen zone via a metering feed screw conveyor, where through centrifugal action the fine material passes through the screen aperture and the coarse fraction passes to over tail.










Hand Tip Station

bulk bag sack tipping station nz

Working Principle:

When you need to unpack the bag material and pour it into the next process, just untie the bag manually and put it into the system. The material dust produced during feeding is collected by the collector. Through the vibrating screen, the material can intercept the bulk material and foreign body to ensure that the finished product (qualified material) meets the requirements of entering the next process.


  • Easy-to-clean: This bag dump station adopts the adjustable gate design and automatic discharge of foreign objects. It is easy to clean, and meets GMP standard design. One-click multi-row back-flushing filter element removal is realised with this bag dump station.
  • Environmental protection: The filter element and silo have a seamless gap, effectively avoiding the overflow of fine dust and without causing environmental pollution and material waste. The feeding platform is in a negative pressure state, so it is dust-free and environmentally friendly, and the materials in the feeding process are not lost.
  • Safe Production: The bag dumping station adopts the physically safe anti-shedding device and mechanical manufacturing design to ensure safe production without worry.
  • The bulk bag dump station can be connected to positive pressure or negative pressure to match the production line.




Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder

Working Principle

The feeding process of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is realized by the electromagnetic vibrator driving the feeding slot to reciprocate periodically in the inclined direction. When the vertical component of the acceleration of the feeder vibration is greater than the gravitational acceleration, the material in the slot will be thrown , And follow the trajectory of the parabolic jump forward movement, throwing and falling within 1/5 seconds to complete the trough every vibration once the trough of the material is thrown forward jump once, so that the frequency of vibration of the tank is 3000 times per minute , the material is thrown forward jump accordingly, so that the material moving forward continuously even, to feed.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively complete elastic system with dual mass point forced vibration. The whole system works in the low critical resonance state. The electromagnetic vibrator drives the trough to make reciprocating vibration with a certain inclination to move the materials along the trough . The material is placed on the feed tank body supported by the main vibration spring, and the armature is connected with the main vibration spring of the tank body, and the coil is wound on the iron core. As the coil is flowing through the half-wave rectified unidirectional ripple current, therefore, the electromagnetic pulse generated on the corresponding electromagnetic force. In the positive half cycle of the alternating current, the pulsating current flows through the coil, a pulsating electromagnetic force is generated between the iron core and the armature, so that the tank body moves backward. The main spring of the vibration exciter deforms and stores the potential energy. During the negative half cycle, No current through the coil, the electromagnetic force disappears, the armature in the spring force separated from the electromagnet, the trough forward movement, so trough on the AC power frequency, continuous reciprocating vibration.


  • Small size, light weight, simple structure, easy installation, no rotating parts without lubrication, easy maintenance, low operating costs.
  • Due to the use of the principle of mechanical vibration resonance, double plastids in the near-critical low-resonance state of work, which consume less power.
  • Due to the instantaneous change and opening and closing of the stream, so to feed the amount of higher accuracy.
  • Can achieve the centralized control of production processes and automatic control.
  • Less wear to the trough.
  • Made of alloy steel tank, suitable for conveying high temperature, severe abrasion and corrosive materials.
  • Does not apply to the occasions with explosion-proof requirements.


Linear Vibratory Feeder

Vibration Vibratory Feeder NZ

Working Principle

The feeding process of the vibrating feeder is realized by using a special vibrating motor to drive the feed tank and make periodic linear reciprocating vibration in the inclined direction. When the vertical component of the acceleration of the feed tank vibration is greater than the acceleration of gravity, the material in the tank will be thrown up to jump forward according to the parabolic trajectory. The throwing and falling movements are completed in 1/50 seconds. Due to the continuous excitation of the vibration motor, the feed tank moves continuously, and the material in the tank moves forward continuously , so as to achieve the purpose of feeding.

Vibrating Feeding Machine Features:

  • Small volume, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation, easy maintenance, low cost.
  • With the self synchronization principle of a special vibration motor, the work is stable, the starting is rapid, and the parking is balanced.
  • Material jumps forward continuously according to the parabolic trajectory, so the feed chute has low wear.
  • Because of changing, opening or closing material flow instantaneously, the feeding amount is more accurate.

Additional Info

Comparing with the electromagnetic feeder and reciprocating feeder, the vibrating feeder machine features simple and compact, strong and durable structure, continuously and evenly feeding, small trough wear, long service lifetime and convenient maintenance. This vibrating feeder machine can be classified into open type and enclosed type according to the on-site operation requirements, and motor can be respectively arranged on the upper and bottom or side, adopting three different forms of vibration source installation. The vibration feeder machine features the following performance characteristics: stable vibrating, low cost and low maintenance, extended service lifetime, and strong and sturdy structure. The excitation force can be adjusted, the flow can be changed and controlled at any time, and the adjustment is convenient and stable; Vibration motor is the vibrating excitation source, and features low noise, less power consumption, better regulation performance, and no blanking phenomenon. The structure is simple, the operation is reliable, the adjustment and installation are convenient, the weight is light, the volume is small, and maintenance is very convenient. Additionally, our company use closed covers for vibration feeder machines to prevent dust pollution.


Rotary Vibrating Screen

Rotary Vibrating Screener NZ




Working Principle

S49-A series rotary vibrating screen sifter is designed for accurate grading or sizing of wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation, low noise, high efficiency, need only 3-5 minutes to rapidly replace the screen, all closed structure. Used to sieve granule, powder and liquid.


  • Long screen life: The mesh frame design, the rubber ball does not directly hit the subnet, the screen mesh is used for a long time, and the mesh change is fast, only 3-5 minutes.
  • Saves human effort: Two people can complete the screen change
  • Any particle, powder, mucus can be screened within a certain range.
  • The minimum sieving is 1000 mesh or 0.002mm, and the minimum filtering is 2 microns.
  • Graded screening, one to five layers of screens can be screened, and two to six levels of sorting or filtering can be carried out at the same time.
  • High efficiency, exquisite and durable design, easy to change the screen, simple to operate and easy to clean.
  • The rotary vibrating screen automatically discharges impurities and coarse materials, allowing continuous operation.


Tumbler Screener

Flat Deck Tumble Screener nz

Working Principle

Tumbler screener is an imitated hand screening with low-frequency rotary vibrating screen, its principle is: instantaneous movement of the radial displacement and the displacement of the axis of the circular motion of the synthesis (spiral motion), you can adjust the excitation of the eccentricity Produced

Non-linear three-dimensional movement, the material also produces the same approximate manual operation, so as to achieve the screening purpose, it can be got more ideal screening results if match with the screening accessories

Suitable for the material of round shape, cylindrical, flaky, and even easy blocked regular shape and precision screening.





  • High Yield Screening: Five decks screening is available, the diameter is from 600mm to 2600mm; For a single grade of products, expertise can help you get double or even higher production capacity in the same machine.
  • Maximised Screening Efficiency: The principle of tumbler screen is compared with hand screening. Smooth acceleration match with low speed to ensure that the material is always rolling on the screen surface. Especially for dry and low-density particles.
  • Thick & Fine Particles Accurate Grading: The material is fed from the centre of the machine, diverging outward along the helical curve. At the same time, as the vertical acceleration increases, the fine particle product is forced through the screen surface.
  • Reduce Fragile Material Damage: Hand screening can give the material a gentle treatment. GFBD tumbler screen reproduces the same movement perfectly, used in a variety of situations to avoid particle damage.
  • Rapid Maintenance, Low Cost: The machine dismantled and install just need 15 minutes, the machine can be operation at full capacity continuously in 7 days * 24 hours. Major wearing parts include: screens, seals, rubber balls or brushes.
  • Low Noise, Low Energy Consumption: Due to its simple modular design and low speed operation, the noise of the GFBD tumbler screen remains at 60 ~ 70Db, to ensure smooth and quiet operation.


Ultrasonic Vibrating Sieve

Vibrating Fine Screener nz

Working Principle

Ultrasonic vibrating screen change 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 60Hz electrical energy into 36KHz high-frequency electrical energy, then input ultrasonic transducer, it will become 36KHz mechanical vibration, the power of the ultrasonic wave make the screen with high-frequency vibration. When the materials vibration with low-frequency , superimposed on the ultrasonic vibration, screen mesh can prevent clogging, but also to improve the output and quality screening, to achieve the purpose of efficient screening and cleaning screen surface, ultra-fine powder is easy to sieve. The system introduces a low-amplitude and high-frequency ultrasonic vibration wave (mechanical wave) on the screen based on the traditional vibrating screen to improve the screening performance of the ultrafine particles. Particularly suitable for high value-added fine split users.






  • Ultrafine Powder Screening: Really solve the screening problems of the characteristics material of strong adsorption, adhesion, sticky, high static, high density, ultrafine powder, etc.
  • High Precision: Screening accuracy can be increased more than 80%, capacity increased by 2 to 5 times.
  • Material Lossless: The ultrasonic vibrating screen eliminates the pollution and wear caused by the conventional screening method on the powder and greatly reduces the noise of the machine.
  • Stable & Precision: Ultrasonic vibrating screen keep the screen mesh size, screening accuracy stably, reducing the number of repeated screening.
  • No Mesh Clogging: The electric power of 220V and 50Hz is converted into 36KHz mechanical vibration, so as to achieve the purpose of efficient screening and cleaning the mesh, which make the ultra-fine powder screening to be easy.


Centrifugal Sifter

Centrifugal sifter nz






Working Principle

The mesh of the machine is cylindrical and is placed in the machine body. After the material is mixed with the air flow through the screw conveying system, and atomized into the screen cylinder. Through the wheel blades in the screen cylinder, the material is subjected to centrifugal force and cyclone propulsion force simultaneously, so that the material is sprayed over the mesh, the material smaller than the mesh hole is discharged from the fine material outlet, and the material bigger than the mesh hole is discharged along the tube wall discharged from the coarse material outlet to achieve the purpose of efficient screening.


  • Long Service Life of Mesh: The quality is the first factor that affects the mesh life, but for centrifugal sifter, the equipment structure, the concentricity of the equipment and the processing technology of the screen cage directly affect the mesh life.
  • Precision Machined Parts: The key components of the equipment need to go through multiple precision machining processes, one is to extend the life of the mesh, the second is to improve output.
  • Ultra-light Material Design: Centrifugal sieve design principles, more suitable for screening of ultra-light, multi-fiber material.
  • Easy To Clean: Centrifugal sieve clean conveniently, suitable for many varieties of small batch screening, to avoid cross-contamination caused by mixing
  • Series In The Air System: Centrifugal sieve can withstand the pressure of 0.1MPA, suitable for flour etc., positive pressure system, the screening output is large

Linear Vibrating Sieve

Horizontal Industrial Vibrating Sieve nz

Working Principle

When two vibrating motors vertically mounted on the screen body do relative work, an eccentric block at the ends occurs rated exciting force, resulting in the lateral vibration force offsetting each other due to the relative operation of the motor. The longitudinal vibration force is passed to the entire screen box through the vibrating body to make the screen's surface vibrate so that the material on the screen surface bounces towards the outlet. The material that is smaller than the holes in the mesh will fall through the mesh before being discharged. Because the screening process is reasonable, the materials after classification can obtain several different particle sizes of materials, so that the classification work is finished.


  • Multi-stage Control: The multi-layer screen produces several sizes of material on the screen and material below the screen, respectively discharging from the respective outlet.
  • Environmentally Friendly: The whole sealing structure of the straight sieve is able to dissipate and discharge powders safely over a constant 24-hour production/processing line.
  • Big and Efficient: This machine doesn't use a lot of energy. It has a large capacity, and a simple, easy-to-maintain design.
  • Special Structure Of Mesh Installation: The special mesh installation design ensures there is no mixing problem with material(s).


Dewatering Screener

Dewatering Screener nz



Working Principle

The Dewatering screen adopts dual-electrode self-synchronisation technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude vibrator. The machine is combined mainly by the screen box, exciter, support system and motor. The two mutually independent vibrators are respectively driven by the tape coupling to do synchronous reverse operation. The centrifugal force generated by two eccentric masses is superposed along the vibration direction and reversely counteracted, thereby forming a single vibration force along the vibration direction, making the screen box reciprocating linear motion.

Dewatering screen, also known as high-frequency dewatering screen, changing the water surface tension of pulp through the exciting force, pulp water through the screen to become the undersize material, and fine material is blocked by the screen to form the filter layer by the vibration of the forward movement of discharge. Dewatering screen is mainly used for precision dewatering in the mineral processing industry, coal slurry dehydration of coal preparation plant, washed quartz sand dewatering and ceramic slurry dehydration, and wet and dry classification, dehydration, removal and mud removal of medium and fine granular materials in industrial sectors such as electric power, sugar making and salt making.


  • Waterproof Motor: Waterproof proper frequency dedicated motor, double motor-driven self-synchronisation technology, to achieve efficient of dewatering.
  • Low Cost Investment: Compared with the traditional process, this new-type dry-line dewatering process has the advantages of small investment, simple process and small area, which is convenient for the system process layout
  • Continuous Dewatering Operation: Professional design of the frequency, amplitude, low-power source for a variety of dewatering needs 24-hour continuous operation.
  • Large Capacity: V-screen design, -5゜screen surface slope dewatering, dewatering screen with low water, high efficiency, large capacity per unit area.
  • Long Service Life: High wear-resistant screen plate long life, modular assembly design, easy replacement, cost savings, screen mesh size can be selected according to requirements.
  • High Strength & Durable Structure: Rigid-welded steel components assembly, constitute the machine body with no internal stress, high strength, light and durable


Standard Test Sieve

Test Sieves nz

Working Principle

The standard test sieve’s basic principle is to convert the rotary motion of the motor into a horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional motion through the eccentric weight mounted on the upper and lower ends of the motor shaft, and then transfer the motion to the screen surface. After the material is forced to produce tumbling, rotating and jumping movements on the screen. With the use of standard sieve frame, it can test and measure granular, powder materials’ particle size structure, the amount of liquid solids content and the amount of impurity's vibration screening, filtration, standard test


  • The standard test sieve is suitable for a variety of specifications, the irregular particle size composition testing and super-hard material production grading and particle size testing;
  • The standard test sieve is also widely used in geological, chemical, cement, medicine, national defense and other research and production laboratories, screening and testing for material;
  • The whole body in small volume, light weight, smooth and no vibration, no noise, closed performance, no dust, high efficiency;
  • For meeting different environmental needs, there have 220V, 380V a variety of voltage motors, it can be used to install three-dimensional multi-layer, mobile and flexible, safe and reliable continuous operation;
  • High screening accuracy, accurate test results, suitable particle shape, particle size distribution and a variety of testing, standard test sieve have electronic timer, test accuracy can be self-controlled;
  • Combined with ultrasonic screening system, it can be automatic cleaning screen to improve screening efficiency and detection accuracy.



Conical Screw Mixer

Conical Screw Mixer nz


Conical Screw Mixer Model Diagram













This Conical Screw Mixer, also known as a Nauta Mixer, consists of a conical shape vessel, a top drive unit and a screw agitator. The screw lifts the materials in a spiral upward flow and the arm orbit the vessel to remove the materials away from the vessel wall and deflects them into center of vessel. The mixing screw is suspended from an orbital arm, which rotates the mixing screw along the conical inner vessel wall causing convective mixing of particles and shear. It is a gentle mixing and minimal heat generation without any product distortion. Big batch capacity and simple design is widely used in various industries. It's especially suited for delicate products and processes where very accurate results are required and is synonymous with gentle mixing of large volumes of up to 50,000 litres.


  • Gentle mixing with minimal heat generation for free flowing material
  • Large batch capacity
  • CIP cleaning design is optional
  • Liquid Injection at top through reducer shaft
  • Heating/cooling jacket and vacuum drying design is optional
  • Complete Discharge
  • Dry Powder
  • Dry Powder with liquid additives
  • Slurry
  • Pastes


Vertical Ribbon Mixer

Stainless Steel Ribbon Mixer nz

Food grade Vertical Ribbon Mixer nz












This Vertical Ribbon Mixer consists of a cone & vertical shape vessel body, a drive unit, helical blades and a chopper. The mixing blade is designed for three-dimensional movement of materials to create helical material upwards flow along the periphery of vessel and gravity downward flow in the center at optimum mixing quality. During this continuous operation, material particles and heat are exchanged quickly which leads to a homogeneous product. Besides, the material particles are mixed with minimal mechanical and thermal stress, which makes this type of mixer a good solution for fragile and heat sensitive product. Vertical Blender can promise perfect mixing homogeneity, even big wide range mixing ratio and complete discharge without any dead space. Multi functions can also be achieved to perform uniform, fast and contamination-free dry powder mixing, drying, evaporation, heat treatment, reactions, cooling or dosage of active ingredients in a single unit.

  • Compact helical ribbon structure without any mixing dead space
  • High speed chopper for de-agglomeration requirement
  • No any lubrication leaking risk
  • GMP design with FDA certificate of non-metal part of mixer
  • Simple maintenance
  • CIP Cleaning
  • Heating/cooling jacket and vacuum design is optional
  • Complete discharge
  • Dry Powder
  • Dry Powder with liquid additives
  • Slurry
  • Paste
  • Viscous fluids


Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer

Stainless Steel Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer NZStainless Steel Double Shaft Paddle Mixer nz















This Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer consists of a W shape vessel, a drive unit and two double paddle shafts. The double shafts run in counter-rotation to make paddles turn over the materials in axial and radial direction of mixing action in fluidized zone. All the materials will be lifted in non-gravity status and also fall down to form a cross mixing. We can get perfect homogeneous mixing in very short time and almost all the materials can be emptied through full bottom discharge valve. Liquid Additions can also be sprayed at top of cover and mix with powder in short time. For some heat sensitive and fragile material, twin shafts paddle mixer can fulfill perfect mixing result.


  • Excellent mixing homogeneity in rapid time
  • Abrasion resistant and heavy duty design for some abrasive material
  • Large discharge valve to minimize residues
  • Top high speed lump breaker device for de-agglomeration requirement
  • Batch or Continuous type is available
  • Dry Powder
  • Dry Powder with liquid additives


Horizontal Double Helix Ribbon Mixer 

Horizontal Double Helix Ribbon Mixer nz



Stainless Steel Double Helix Ribbon Mixer nz
















This Ribbon Mixer consists of a horizontal U shape mixing vessel, a drive system and a ribbon agitator. The mixing element is combined with inner and outer double helical ribbon agitator. The outer ribbon moves materials into center direction and inner ribbon moves the materials in opposition direction to shape radially and laterally movement. Finally, the material will be discharged at center discharge valve. Ribbon Blender is an efficient and versatile blending machine for mixing of dry granules & powders homogeneously. Various materials can be mixed in ribbon mixer through a gentle way, especially in food material mixing. Furthermore, high speed chopper is also available to break some lumps during blending process.


  • Compact helical ribbon structure without any mixing dead space
  • High speed chopper for de-agglomeration requirement
  • No any lubrication leaking risk
  • GMP design with FDA certificate of non-metal part of mixer
  • Simple maintenance
  • CIP Cleaning
  • Heating/cooling jacket and vacuum design is optional
  • Complete discharge
  • Dry Powder/solid particle
  • Dry Powder with minor liquid additives via spraying bar
  • Slurry

Horizontal Double Helix Ribbon Mixer nz

Ploughshare Mixer

Stainless Steel Ploughshare Mixer nz

Stainless Steel Single Shaft mixer nz diagram






















This Plough Mixer consists of a horizontal & cylindrical drum vessel, a plough shaped shovel agitator, a drive unit and a chopper. The mixing elements create a mechanical fluidized bed mixing actions to hurl materials away from the wall of vessel into free space in crisscross direction and inversely back again. A fluid bed generated mechanically in this way, whereby the raw material is constantly involved in the mixing process, ensures maximum mixing intensity at even the highest feed rates and shortest residence times and allows addition of liquids. The Ploughshare Mixer guarantees extremely high performance and fully optimized processes to adapt specific mix. Plow Mixer has very fast mixing speed to get ideal mixing homogeneity in very short time and can also be used to solve multiple applications including mixing, drying, coating, reacting in one single machine. In order to meet big capacity requirement, we can also design batch and continuous mixing process for client.

  • Perfect mixing result within short mixing time
  • High speed chopper for de-agglomeration
  • Multiple mixing elements design
  • High Shearing Mixing in Movement Zone
  • Heating/cooling jacket and vacuum design is optional
  • Heavy duty work for complex materials
  • Flexible Design for different applications and industries
  • Batch or continuous process
  • Center or Big bomb-bay discharge valve is optional
  • Dry Powder
  • Dry Powder with liquid additives
  • Slurry
  • Paste


2D Motion Mixer

2D motion mixer nz


This type of mixer is suitable for the mixing of dry, powder and granule materials for the pharmaceutical, chemical industries etc. and especially for the mixing of materials with high moisture content and a wide particle size distribution.

Operating Principle:

The mixing unit is a cylinder shaped barrel without any devices inside. Rotation is maintained via a trunion wheel arrangement where the relative drum position may be adjusted according to requirements.






Highly Efficient V-shaped MixerIndustrial V blender nz


This machine is used for the mixing of dry powder and granulate materials in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical and other industries.

Operating Principle:

The rotating V shaped mixing assembly is loaded via the top hatches and the mixing action is maintained through the interaction of the material within the chamber while rotating to produce a backwards and forwards motion. The discharge is from the outlet butterfly valve.





Commercial V Blender NZ stats

Multi-directional 3D Motion Mixer3D motion mixer nz


This machine is applicable for mixing powders and granulate material in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, lighting, electronic, mining, metallurgy and scientific research industries.

Operating Principle:

This machine incorporates a base mounted governing motor shaft, rotary connection assembly and barrel unit. The material barrel is driven by the positive shaft to develop a complex movement including horizontal, vertical and rolling motions etc. which causes the material to move in three directions along the barrel for highly uniform mixing of various material types. This machine is a fully enclosed, high efficiency, energy saving mixer. When the material is being mixed, no centrifugal force applies and gravity segregation and laminar accumulation does not occur. In addition, it has larger loading capacity, short mixing time and high efficiency

Multi directional mixer nz stats

Forced-Type Agitating Mixer

V shape  mixer blender nz


Based on international advanced mixing technology and designed for optimum performance, the VI type forced mixer is used in pharmaceutical, foodstuff and the chemical industries. The mixing effect is achieved through the combination of the “V” shall and internal agitator action.

Operating Principle:

This machine can mix blends of relatively fine powder as well as agglomerates of materials with relatively high moisture content. The internal agitator refines and homogenises the material as this is blended within the “V” shell mixing action.





Twin shell mixer nz stats

High Speed Double Cone MixerDouble cone mixer nz


Suited to blending free flowing powders and granular products for consistent cv specification requirements and capable of short time mixing. The Double Cone series mixers are used for material mixing in such industries as pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical, plastics and foodstuff industries.

Operating Principle:

This machine can rapidly mix free flowing materials and materials with a certain water content. With a high mixing speed and good mixing effect, the mixing uniformity rate can reach over 95%. The design meets all GMP standards and these mixers have a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.




Double Cone Mixer with AgitatorDouble cone blender mixer nz


Developed for optimum mixing of agglomerated and variable particle size materials and based on the W series double cone mixer. This machine adds a stirring unit which can be used for material mixing in such industries as pharmacy, foodstuff, chemical and related industries.

Operating Principle:

This machine can rapidly mix free flowing materials and materials with a certain water content. With a high mixing speed and good mixing effect, the mixing uniformity rate can reach over 95%. The design meets all GMP standards and these mixers have a simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance.




Single Screw Nauta MixerConical Screw mixer nz


This is a new type high efficiency and high precision mixing machine which is widely used for mixing of powder or paste materials in the pharmaceutical and feed industries.

Operating Principle:

The machine consists of single screw and type S blades. It features a large agitating area with a high mixing speed and no dead areas. It is more suitable for mixing material with great disparity in specific weight and mixing characteristics. This machine is fabricated from stainless steel and is in compliance with GMP standard.





Horizontal Double Ribbon MixerStainless Horizontal Ribbon Mixer nz


The WLDH Series Horizontal Ribbon mixer is a well proven product which ensures high efficiency mixing. It is widely used in the solid-solid (powder material) and solid–liquid (powder material & fluid material), mixing within the fields of the chemical, pharmaceutical and foodstuff industries.

Operating Principle:

WLDH series mixer is comprised of a mixing barrel, spiral ribbon and driving assembly. The spiral ribbon is made of two layers that are the inner ribbon which conveys the material to move outwards while the external ribbon conveys the material to move inwards. This forms an efficient circulation of material within the machine body; the ribbon mixer can achieve a rapid mixing efficiency in a very short period. These units are fabricated in stainless steel and complies with the GMP standards.



Horizontal Single “Z” Arm Type MixerHorizontal z arm mixer nz


This stainless steel horizontal “Z” arm type mixer is widely used for mixing powdery or paste material in the pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries.

Operating Principle:

The” Z” type paddle is rotated through a mechanical driving action which pushes the material to turn repeatedly and mix uniformly. Operated with an electrical control, it can set the mixing time to automatic stop and the electric discharge operates thus improving the mix quality of each batch of material and reaching a high homogeneous finished mix blend. Standard: All contact parts are fabricated from stainless steel and the machine has a front tilt for discharge.




Horizontal Double “Z” Arm MixerDouble z arm mixer nz


This machine is horizontal double “Z” arm type mixer which is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries for mixing powder or paste material and especially for high viscosity and high density material.

Operating Principle:

The double “Z” type paddles provide a mixing action which is a combination of bulk movement, smearing, stretching, folding, dividing and re-combining as the material is pulled and squeezed against blades, saddle and side walls. The blades are pitched to achieve end to end circulation. All contact parts are in stainless steel and the machine has a front tilt for discharge. Features for automated operation are provided.



Grain Tech double z arm blender mixer stats


Multi-purpose High Speed Mixing GranulatorLaboratory high shear mixing granulator nz


The GHL high speed mixing granulator is a high efficiency unit which can mix different types of powder material to granules in one procedure. It is widely used for pharmaceutical, foodstuff and chemical industry applications.

Operating Principle:

The powder material and adhesive are blended within the mixing chamber for transferring through the high speed cutting assembly to from uniform granules.












1. The machine incorporates a horizontal structure mixing arrangement for optimum efficiency.

2. The drive shaft is fitted with air purge seals for secure leak proof operation.

3. Granulation process incorporates fluidisation for efficient operation and flow ability with a reduced drying time required.

4. Compared with the traditional process, there is a saving of approx. 25% in binder required.

5. The time for mixing in the dry stage is 2 minutes and the time for granulating is 1 – 4 minutes. Compared with the traditional process which is 4 – 5 times longer.

6. All operations including dry mixing, liquid addition and granulation are performed under the GMP standards.

7. The complete operation has inbuilt safety and protective measures.

8. The mixing and cutting speeds are controlled through a frequency modulator to enable the granule particle size to be regulated.


Pharmaceutical Grade Dry GranulatorLaboratory powder granulator nz


This is a new generation unit that utilises the crystallised water within the material to pelletise the powder into granules. The machine features a novel and advanced design structure, has stable and reliable performance and is easy to maintain and clean. Granules made by the machine can be pressed into tablets or capsules and is mainly used for granulation in the pharmaceutical, chemical foodstuff and other related industries. It is especially used for granulation of materials not suitable for the wet granulation process.







Reciprocating GranulatorOscillating granulator nz


Widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries for producing various size granules from agglomerated and lumpy materials. These machines are ideal for preparing block and lump product ready for further incorporation into blends, mixes and solutions. Finish is in food grade stainless steel.

Operating Principle:

The reciprocating arm is fitted with either beaters, brushes or UHMW polyethylene paddles. The machine agitates against the fixed profiled screen which sizes the finished product according to aperture fitted.





Rotating Blade Granulator Rotating granulator nz


The rotating granulator is the ideal equipment for applications within the pharmaceutical, foodstuffs, feedstuffs, chemical and solid beverage type industries and is especially for materials having a high viscosity. It operates continuously to produce an even and free form granulated finished product ready for further drying. The operation is simple and easily setup while the granulator incorporates stainless steel contact parts and hygienic operating features enabling easy cleaning







High Speed Conical Granulator/MillStainless steel high speed granulator nz


Widely used within the pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff industries with good effect. In operation, a rotating knife set operates against the set screen having the required aperture size. Material particle size smaller than the screen passes to the discharge while the larger particle size materials are reduced. All contact parts are made of food grade stainless steel and the design is to GMP standards.









Double Cone Rotary Vacuum DryerDouble cone rotary vacuum dryer nz


The rotary vacuum dryers are mainly used for drying and mixing of material in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Operating Principle:

This machine has a very good drying and mixing effect for heat sensitive, easy oxidising and non-crystalline materials as well as for solvent recovery in materials and drying strong irritating and toxic material. With a rapid drying speed and uniform product sample, there is no pollution within the material and the hygienic design ensures even blending and drying with the advantage of easy cleaning and simple maintenance.





Hot Air Dehumidifying DryerHot air circulating dryer nz


The RXH series is applied for drying and dehumidification of material in such industries as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, light, heavy industries etc., as well as heating and dehumidification of products including raw medicines, original medicines, traditional Chinese medicine tablet, powder, granulate materials, pigments, dyestuffs, dried vegetable, food, plastic resin, electric element and baking finish applications.








Cylindrical static vacuum dryer nzStatic Vacuum Dryer (Square & Round Types)


Incorporated for high efficiency tray drying, using the combination of heat and vacuum in order to optimise heat transfer from a wide range of reasonably free flowing materials. The feature of applying vacuum to the drying chamber ensures uniform and even drying throughout. Vacuum dry is divided into static and dynamic drier. The model YZG round vacuum drier of the model FZG square vacuum drier belong to the static drier type while the model SZG double cone rotating vacuum drier belongs to the dynamic drier type. When raw material is dried within the static type drier, the raw material is in static state and its shape remains stable.


Where double drying is carried out within the rotary model SZG double cone unit, the drying time is lowered due to the continuous agitation of the material and the more even exposure to both heat and vacuum under the state of vacuum, the boiling point of the raw material will be lowered. Therefore these dryers are suitable for drying raw material that are unstable or thermally sensitive. The vacuum dryer also has good air retention and is suitable for drying raw materials that contain strong and toxic gases and where solvents need to be recovered. The vacuum dryer is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and dyestuff industries and the design is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.

Note: SZ water ring vacuum pump can be used together with the mechanical pressure pump in order to increase the vacuum level.

Square static vacuum dryer nz

1. When ordering please choose the type of vacuum dryer in accordance with the physical property, primary moisture and final moisture of raw material to be dried and factors such as temperature, vacuum, drying amount and time required etc. vacuum dryers with the same model type have four methods of heating i.e. steam, hot water, heat conduction, oil and electric. For example, in order to increase the output of product, the number of drying layers can be increased.

2. The auxiliary equipment to suit the vacuum system is indicated in the user’s manual and can be supplied and installed at the factory. Please indicate the requirements when ordering.

3. For any special requirements, the factory can also design, manufacture and install as requested.




Highly Efficient Fluidised Bed Dryer

Fluidised bed powder dryer nz


This machine is used for drying of granulate material having a particle size of up to 0.16 mm and is applicable for quick drying of wet granulate and powdery materials as well as finished products and intermediate (semi-finished products) in such industries as pharmacy, foodstuff, light and chemical processing.

Operating Principle:

In operation air passes through a purification cabinet and heater, and from high speed airflow transfers up through the decks having perforated holes. The material reaches a fluidised state with the high velocity heated air carrying off the released product moisture. The evaporated air transfers via filters to atmosphere as the process is a batch operation. Full automation features are provided to enable consistent repeat performance.

Vibrating fluidised bed dryer nz

Vibratory Fluidised Bed Dryer


1. Available in a wide range of sizes and capacities

2. Contact parts are to GMP standards and manufactured from food grade stainless steel

3. Fully ISO approved

4. Available as turnkey installed unit with all ancillary equipment items or as an individual processing unit for replacement / upgrade requirements







This machine is suited to handling a wide range of food, industrial, chemical, agricultural and related product types which have a free flowing characteristic and are able to be fluidised. The raw material is fed into the machine at the head end using various feeding devices according to the material flow ability characteristics and moves forward continuously along the horizontal fluidised bed under the combined action of vibration and air pressure. The hot air passes through the bed and evaporates the product moisture with this being carried off to the following filter collector / receiver or optional cyclone separators or the combination of both. The completed dried product discharges through the discharge outlet for further screening or cooling according to process application requirements.

Features: The hot air may be supplied as either direct heat from a gas furnace or from an indirect heat exchanger, steam to air, hot water to air, furnace gas heating etc. The initial material is heated evenly with complete contact across the full bed surface area and the drying capacity is high with typical energy savings of around 30% compared to alternative type dryers. In combination with the fluidise effect the vibratory motion of the deck is incorporated from two out of balance vibratory motors which enable variable adjustment and are stable in operation have lower maintenance and ensures quiet operation. The fluid state of the material on the feed bed remains stable with no dead spots or blind areas and may be altered by adjustments to air flow, vibratory amplitude and bed tilt angle. Further regulation to the material flow rate and product dwell time may be made by incorporation of a V/S controller to the two vibratory motor drives. Product ingredient degradation is minimal and this type of dryer is well suited for handling friable materials as well as products which have a wide range of particle size features or differing density product types. The fluidised bed processor is a completely enclosed operation and does not exit dust or process air to the atmosphere.

Operating Principle:

The fluidised bed processor is suitable for drying, drying and cooling or simply cooling applications and may be supplied with a range of support processing equipment to meet a wide range of applications such as:

• Pharmaceutical and chemical industries: Press tablets and granules, boric acid, borax, dihydroxybenzene, malic acid, and urea etc.

• Foodstuff Industries: Breakfast cereals, monosodium glutamate, sugar, salt, grains, pulses, processing residue products etc.

• Agro Chemical Applications: Drilled seed drying, fertiliser granulation drying / cooling residue etc.


Vibratory Fluidised Bed Dryer System Diagram


























ZLG vibratory fluidized bed dryer diagram











Belt Dryer

Belt dryer nz

Belt dryer nz technical diagram









This type of dryer is suitable for drying materials with in a wide range of applications including pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, gum, electronic, de-watering vegetables, particle feed, gourmet powders, shredded coconut, stuffing, organic color compound, rubber, acryl fibre, medicinal products, medicine material, small wood product, plastic products, aging and solidification of electronic components etc.


The materials are uniformly spread onto the mesh belt by the material spreader. The mesh belt generally has 12 – 60 mesh stainless steel wire and it is drawn and moved inside the dryer by a transmission unit. The dryer is composed of several units, the hot air is circulated separately some exhaust gas is discharged with a special moisture elimination blower. The waste gas is controlled through an adjustment valve. The hot air passes through the mesh belt covered with the material from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the top and this will complete the heat and mass transfer process. The finished dried product drops into the material collector continuously. The top and lower circulation units can be equipped according to the users demand and the unit can be selected according to the particular drying requirements.

Operating Principle:

Widely used for drying agglomerated, strip, pelleted, flaked, extruded and similar type materials, and is used for drying high moisture content and lose state materials having good ventilation. The machine is suitable for the materials such as de-watering vegetable, herbal leaf materials and others for which the water content rate is high, and high temperature is not recommended. The machine has the advantages that its drying speed is fast and the evaporation strength is high with the product quality being good. The de-watered filter cake and similar paste type materials as well as high fibre products may be readily dried. The machine design meets GMP standards and operation is via an automated control system.


High-Speed Centrifuge Atomising Dryer

High speed centrifuge atomising dryer nz Specifications:

1. Available in five sizes/capacities

2. Contact parts to GMP standards and manufactured from high grade stainless steel.

3. Fully ISO approved.

4. Suitable for drying emulsions, suspended liquids and liquid materials

Application: The LPG series high speed centrifuge atomising dryer is a specialised type of dryer suitable for drying emulsions, suspended liquids, emulsified liquids etc. The principle has a unique advantage in drying polymers and resins, dyestuffs and pigments, ceramics, gloss, de-rusting agents, pesticides, carbon hydrates, dairy products, detergents and surfactants, fertilisers, organic compounds, inorganic compounds etc.  

Features: A rapid drying efficiency of 5 – 15 seconds and is normally suitable for drying thermal sensitive raw material. It is ideal for drying colored, small and physical appearance materials. This machine has a stable operation with convenient regulations and controls and is suitable for continuous processing operations. The distribution, fluidity and solubility of finish product meet the international standards.

Operating Principle: Hot air is supplied to the top of the drying chamber via either a direct heat or indirect heat air filter and enters the chamber tangentially. In concert the liquid material to be dried is atomised via a centrifugal atomiser at the top of the dryer chamber via a pump and filter arrangement where the liquid forms atomised droplets. The liquid droplets and hot air converge and evaporation of the droplet surface liquid occurs rapidly. The dried material is drawn down into the receiving hopper section for discharge to the cyclone separator. Hot moisture laden air transfers to the atmosphere via the exhaust system.


Fluidised Granulating Dryer

Fluidised granulating dryer nz Fluidized Granulating Grain Feed Drier nz


Mixing, granulating and drying are completed within a single process and the process is completely sealed with no dust emissions to atmosphere. The filter media has anti-static properties for added safety and explosion relief features are installed. All contact surfaces areas are rounded and designed for easy cleaning with sight glass inspection ports being fitted. The loading and unloading is easily carried out.

Operating Principle:

Granulation of the solution occurs through droplets fluidising when coming into contact with the hot air within the spray chamber. Clean heated air is introduced into the lower spraying area where it rises to contact the sprayed liquid. The rapid evaporation of moisture within the droplets produces granules which remain in suspension in a fluidised state. The evaporated high moisture air discharges via a filter assembly to atmosphere while the formed granules accumulate in the removable sealed hopper assembly. In operation the fluidised granulator produces an even particle size finished granule as a continuous operation. All contact parts are manufactured to the GMP standards in stainless steel and complete operation is controlled from an automated process control panel where parameters may be set according to process requirements.



Vacuum ConveyorIndustrial vacuum conveyor nz Screenshot_154.png


The vacuum conveyor is designed for industrial applications incorporating heavy duty components and is the ideal transfer equipment, used for transporting powder materials, granular materials and powder and granular materials for feeding the materials directly into mixers and processing applications. It reduces the likely dust emissions and is GMP certified. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, foodstuff, feedstuff, chemical and plastics industries and for general processing material handling applications.

Operating Principle:

The vacuum conveyor consists of a vacuum unit (no oil, no water), feeding tube, PE filter, vacuum hopper, automatic control device, pneumatic discharging device and a compressed air pulsing unit. This type of vacuum conveyor is a quiet, efficient, large capacity, low noise and reliable machine. It is the ideal type of equipment for transferring powder and granular materials to mixers and processing equipment including packers, reactors etc.

Powder Pulverising Machines

WF Series Platform-type Dust Collecting Fine Crusher Set

Food grade pulverizer nz

Main Application: Applied for such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical and foodstuff etc., this machine is a new generation crushing equipment combining crushing and dust collection as a whole.

Working principle: This machine is a hammer typed crusher with high speed. The material is fed into the crushing chamber through a hopper by a conveyor and crushed by high speed rotating hammer. The crushed material is enters into the catcher automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force, and the air cylinder is controlled by the pulse to shake the catcher, thus the dust collected by the catcher can fall to the bin automatically. Designed according to the new GMP standard and wholly made of stainless steel, this machine has no flying dust during production. And can improve the utilization rate of material and reduce the cost of enterprise, thus reaching the international advanced level.




DS Series Dust Collecting High Efficient Crushing Set

Fine powder pulveriser with Dust Collection nz

Main Application: This machine ensures optimum crushing results with an excellent throughput for most of the diverse product ranges in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Working principle: The high speed rotor can be reversed without any difficulty, enabling products to be crushed, via reduction in size by the cutting side or by the impact side. This machine is especially suited for crushing hard, crystalline or fibrous products. Depending on the desired result, screens and rasps can be changed. A seamless housing prevents production accumulation and facilitates service and cleaning.

Features: This machine is simple in structure, easy to assemble and clean the crushing chamber, and all parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel, acid and corrosion resistant, making crushed material be in conformity with hygiene requirement. In addition, this machine has smooth operation, convenient move, low noise, high crushing effect and low power consumption.


Some of Our Machines in Action

Complete Food and Chemical Processing Design example nzComplete Food and Chemical Processing Design close upsComplete Food and Chemical Processing Design close ups 2Grain Processing Machine Control Panel Example nzFood and Chemical Processing Design example nz 2Food Processing Design up close nzScreenshot_161.png