Our Editorial in the 2022/23 Food Tech Pack Tech Magazine


Specialising in providing solutions for specific ingredient handling applications for over 34 years, Grain Tech has a proven track record in optimising production through solving ingredient delivery, storage, powder handling, pneumatic conveying, and product dosing requirements.

Tailored to suit their customer’s specific applications Grain Tech provides a variety of economical and efficient operations including bulk ingredient storage and intake – from bulk bags or bulk storage silos – incorporating delivery and unloading of ingredients via conveying and transfer systems, whether it be through negative and positive pneumatic handling, mechanical handling conveying or an elevating system.

“The Grain Tech systems can be planned into already existing process areas and are designed for various capacity throughputs and to meet optimum quality specifications with the incorporation of sifting and metal separation features,” says the company.

Ingredient batching and metering of ingredients is done at high speed and has highly accurate weighing arrangements to dispense multiple ingredients simultaneously.

The precise monitoring of flow control and measurement of ingredients is managed by recipe control systems ensuring final product quality with ingredient delivery using bulk storage silos, bins and hoppers, FIBC big bags and bags. Grain Tech’s flexibility of designs – from bulk ingredient additions to small, weighed additions with process accurate product feeding – comes with reliable system design to deliver in tolerance batch weighing time and again.

The company’s mixing assemblies incorporate equipment design to optimise finished blend consistency variation (CV) through utilising the most efficient and proven mixer for their customers needs.


There are various mixer types including:

Ribbon blenders are an efficient and versatile blending unit for mixing dry granules and powders homogenously. Various materials can be mixed in in a gentle way suitable for certain food ingredients. High speed choppers can be fitted for breaking up lumps and any agglomerated material.

Paddle mixers used for perfectly homogenous mixing in a very short time with the completed blend emptied through “bomb drop” discharge doors. These are available in single and twin shaft models and can also be fitted with choppers.

Plough shear mixers are for perfect mixing results within short mixing times.

Specialty type mixers suited to specific material types including, conical screw, vertical ribbon, intensive and retractable rotor paddle and plough mixers are also available.

Grain Tech’s in-house design and engineering team offers their customers the business development of the right process solution with the right choice of equipment, with any custom platforms for installation and access having a qualified structural design and sign off. To see how Grain Tech ingredient handling and batching systems can work for you, contact admin@graintech.co.nz or call us on +64 9 263 6926.