Pelleting Press Technical Specification Sheet - GT630


Pelleting Section – General Description: The GT630 Pellet Press features a sturdy, self-contained design with a heavy-duty “V” belt transmission that features a twin-drive system. It is an excellent press for pelleting a wide range of materials, such as: compound feed-stuffs, pulp, grass meal, extracted metals etc. This press is both easy to maintain and easy to operate. These features combined make the GT630 universally adaptable under conditions that require maximum reliability.

The GT630 Series press is designed with: GT630 Pellet Press nz

• A vertically mounted ring die

• Two press rolls

• A feeder/conditioner

The fabricated housing contains two electric main drive motors, which together provide - through twin “V belt transmission” - the drive to the rotor assembly (where the die is fitted). Mounted on the housing are hinged motor brackets, along with an adjustable system to maintain the “V” belts at their optimum tension. The rotor mounted on the main shaft rotates on two self-aligning spherical roller bearings. The main shaft is held (in the housing) using a shear pin assembly (which is supported within a heavy-duty housing) that connects to the main housing. Should the main shaft rotate through overloading, the drive motor will turn off so that the main shaft can be quickly and easily reset into its original position. The rear roll plate is mounted on to the front of the main shaft. The press is fitted with a manual lubrication system for greasing the two press rolls and the main shaft bearings. The pellet chamber - which can be hinged to the left or the right - is fitted with one or three adjustable pellet knives. For safety purposes, the press is filled with micro switches that (if activated) will cut off the power supply to the main drive motors.

The GT 630 Series Press incorporates the following features:

• Welded steel housing with hinged moor brackets Twin Vee belt drive transmission that can be loosened or tightened to achieve optimum levels of pressure on the “V” belts; and one set of six Vee belts per motor.

• Main shaft with rear roller plate support with roll shafts and wipers (the rear roll plate is made with tapered recesses that allow the two rolls to be positioned correctly and locked into place).

 • Front support plate with two roll adjusters.

• Two patented deflectors (which ensures an even distribution of the feed into the two press rolls).

• A rotor with two bearings that features a replaceable die-wear insert.

• A set of die holding bolts

• Adjustable overload protection system with arrangement

• An central electronic grease lubrication system with grease container (filled with grease) and relief valve

• Manometer

• Manometer gauge for monitoring the lubrication pressure of the lubrication system

• Four bolt holes for anchoring purposes

• Eye-bolts for slinging purposes

• A connection box for electrical wiring

• A Pellet chamber with a stainless-steel sampling trap and a stainless-steel feed chute.

Note: All of the parts within the machine which come into contact with your material/products are stainless steel.

• Two or three pellet knives can be adjusted while the machine is working.

• Safety micro-switches

























Model: GTZL630S

Power (main rotor): 220 kW (2 x110 kW)

Capacity: 15-20t/h for poultry feed

GT630 pellet press motor nz Pellet mill parts nz


1. Die internal diameter: Φ630mm

2. Effective working width: 197mm

3. Tip speed of die: 6.56 m/s

4. Roller diameter: Φ310mm

5. Effective width: 210 mm

6. An advanced twin-motor driving system which results in a reliable and stable operation.

7. The main shaft is forged with alloy steel that is both strong and durable.

8. This machine also comes with a die, a manual hoisting device, a speed governor, or a lubricating nozzle.

9. This machine does not come with a feeder, a conditioner, a steam device, or a control panel.













Screw Feeder

GTWL630 Screw Feeder nz

Model: GTWL630

Capacity: 6-25t/h

Length: 745mm

Speed (motor): 0 - 134 rpm

Material: Stainless Steel

Note: This machine uses a frequency-conversion motor. To change the input load you need to control the feeder by using the transducer.


Grain Tech Pelleting and Extrusion Conditioner nz 6

Model: GTZ630

Power: 11kW

Capacity: 27t/h

Volume: 0.37 m³

Length: 3000mm

Inner diameter: 600mm

Main rotor speed: 300 rpm

Conditioning time: 15-45s

Steam Consumption: 250kg/h

Features: This machine consists of a motor, main shaft, paddle, shell, steam inlet, molasses inlet consists of a motor, main shaft, paddle, shell, steam inlet, and a molasses inlet.

Machine Dimensions

Technical_Drawing GT630 Pellet MillTechnical Drawings GT630 Pellet Mill