Our Editorial in the NZ Cropping Yearbook


To meet the increasing post-harvest demands for traditional and new alternative seed and grain crop standards and regulations, the requirement is for cleaning and processing technologies and equipment capable of achieving the optimum finished product sample with minimum loss.

Grain Tech, as the name implies, and, through their more than 35 years involvement in supplying seed and grain processes and technology, has amassed extensive practical experience and application knowledge, backed with incorporation of the most advanced process installations to meet these challenges.

The company is a single source provider able to supply equipment and technology for a specific requirement through to complete turnkey installations, incorporating the latest advances in individual machines and complete processes catering for applications including:

  • Post-harvest crop pre-cleaning and handling
  • Individual grain, seeds, pulse and oil seed cleaning and multi classifications
  • Multipurpose preparation and milling for wheat, barley, peas, lentils, maize, millet, sorghum, quinoa, etc.     
  • Mills for buck wheat processing
  • Mills for oat/groat processing
  • Maize mill processes
  • Manufacture of cereal flakes for feed/food
  • Oil seed processing.

To compliment the vast range of equipment supply, Grain Tech can also offer the following services:

  • Design – engineering and planning in detail for individual machines and complete installation arrangements
  • Installation and commissioning of machines
  • MCC and electrical integrated control systems
  • Remodel and reconstruction of existing installations and processes
  • Maintenance, guarantee and post warranty service.


For more information on any of the products and services provided by Grain Tech, send us an email at admin@graintech.co.nz or phone (09) 263 6926.