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We build systems for raw material handling

  • In all sections of the food industry
  • In the chemical industry
  • In the agricultural commodity industry
  • In the waste treatment/disposal industry

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We have the perfect storage method options

  • With flexible silos
  • With bolt together corrugated silos
  • With heavy duty smooth wall silos
  • With Grain Tech’s fluidized bed and vibratory discharge systems
  • Standard or tailored design for all additive ingredients and liquids

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We have drying and cooling systems to meet most product types

  • Through counter flow units
  • By fluid bed and vibratory conveying units
  • By pneumatic circuits
  • By column, tower and continuous conveyor systems

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We convey products gently

  • Through all types of pneumatic systems
  • Through Grain Tech’s dense phase conveyors
  • Through air slides and metering screws
  • Through bucket elevators, various types of belt and drag link conveyors
  • Through aero-mechanical conveyors
  • With “Z” pattern elevators

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We change the characteristics and shape of commodities and materials

  • Through particle size reduction
  • With pelletizing and agglomeration processes
  • By extrusion processors

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We sift raw materials to the highest specifications

  • With orbital and gyratory sifters
  • With screeners and rotary classifiers
  • With vibratory and pneumatic in line sifters
  • For classification control and final security sifting

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We manufacture and supply the following machines

  • Rotary valves, blower units, diverter valves, multi-way valves, cyclones and transit separators
  • Pipe systems, filter collectors
  • Shut off valves, slide gate valves
  • Hammer mills, crushers, pulverizers, roller mills, flaking mills
  • Extruders, pelletizers, agglomerators
  • Silos, bins and hopers, discharging devices
  • Mixers, blenders, sifters
  • Control systems and measuring/metering equipment
  • Bagging, packing and handling equipment

We pulverize and mill raw materials to attain exact particle sizing

  • By pre-breaking, hammer milling and crushing
  • By roller milling, granulating and cutting

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Special processing systems or machines

  • Complete batching and blending lines
  • Biofuel manufacture
  • Extrusion processing lines
  • Complete cereal processing lines
  • Complete animal feeds manufacturing

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Our mixing achieves better quality

  • Mechanically and pneumatically
  • With or without liquid additions
  • In batch or continuous systems

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We maintain process environmental control through

  • Incorporation of efficient filter collectors
  • Provision of local emission control systems
  • Use of economical air handling equipment

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We can weigh and pack within extremely tight tolerances

  • With Grain Tech’s weigh mix systems
  • Incorporating totally integrated weighing and processing control systems
  • Using screw and vibratory metering feeders

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Complete Integrated Control Systems are provided:

  • Including fully automated MCC arrangement
  • Package software to meet the specific application
  • On line bock up upgrades and support

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