The range of dryers and coolers supplied by Grain Tech Engineering and suited to industrial applications include the following types:

Industrial Grain Dryer nz

  • Continuous Fluid Bed
  • Static Fluid Bed
  • Counterflo Cooler
  • Counterflo Dryer
  • Combination Counterflo Dryer/Cooler
  • Multi Pass Belt
  • Single Pass Belt
  • Single & Double Roller
  • Rotary Drum
  • Pneumatic Flash
  • Continuous Tower
  • Tube Bundle Dryer

Combination processors include - stabilizer/dryers and conditioner dryers. Each dryer/cooler supplied is specified according to the process application requirements following determination of the material characteristics parameters and specifications while also taking into account the total installation ancillary equipment requirements in order to provide a complete operational system.

Advanced Technology in Heat and Mass Transfer
Each of the types of dryer and cooler are suited to specific applications:

Continuous Fluid Bed

Continuous Fluid bed Arrangement 1 nzFeatures

  • Extremely high heat transfer coefficient.
  • Drying residence time adjustable.
  • May be arranged to break up lumpy materials.
  • Sanitary design permits the same machine to process different materials.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.

Typical Applications

Excellent for processing breakfast cereals, specialty grains and seed products, malic acid, amino acid, organic hydrochlorides, feed and fat soybeans. Ideal for drying powdered, granulated and flaky products such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, industrial materials, foods and livestock feeds.


Static Fluid Bed

Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer nzFeatures

  • Automatic operation.
  • Easy loading.
  • Complete rapid discharge of finished product.
  • Stirring action is effective with materials having poor fluidity.
  • Batch rotation ensures uniform product quality.
  • Significant heat transfer coefficient.

Typical Applications

Ideal for L-lysin high purity ammonium sulphate, zinc sulphate, drying of cereal products and other powdered, granular and crystalline products such as foods, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, prilled coated products and livestock feeds.


Counterflo Cooler/Dryer & Counterflo Combination Dryer/Cooler

SWLN Counter Flow Cooler Dryer nzFeatures

  • Fully automated continuous flow operation.
  • Complete product clean out.
  • Variable discharge control.
  • Efficient heat/cooling transfer within the product mass.
  • First in - first out product flow.
  • Easily incorporated as combined units.
  • May use direct or indirect heating/cooling.

Typical Applications

Suited to handling pelleted feedstuffs, flaked product, granules and similar products where gentle non-degradation processing is necessary. Combination units enable drying and cooling processing to be carried out within a small area.


Single Pass/Multi Pass Belt Dryers

SKGD Multi Pass Belt Dryer nz


  • Ideal for bulky products.
  • Variable control of heating/cooling medium along the  drying band.
  • Ideal operating conditions easily maintained.
  • Uniform drying/cooling.
  • Moisture content removed from product is easily adjusted.
  • Minimum degradation to the product physical characteristics.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.

Typical Applications

 Bulky foodstuffs and forage products, animal feeds, fertilizers and other granular materials, industrial chemicals, flaky or formed cake products, antibiotics, pigments, clay materials, calcium carbonate, etc.


Rotary Drum Dryers

Rotary Drum Dryer nzFeatures

  • Continuous operation permits mass production.
  • Adjustment of temperature, volume, rotation speed and humidity of drying easily carried out to meet the required conditions.
  • Handles bulky products and materials while assisting to break up the mass agglomerations.
  • Simple construction, easy operation and maintenance.

Typical Applications

  Drying of forage harvesting crops, sawdust, fertilizers and chemicals. Drying of bulky difficult to handle flaky, fibrous and sticky vegetable and industrial materials.


Pneumatic Dryers/Coolers


  • Available in a range of capacities.
  • Suited to continuous automated applications.
  • May be adapted to readily fit into the production arrangement.
  • Indirect or direct heating to suit drying requirements.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Can be incorporated to convey product while drying/cooling.

Typical Applications

Ideal for removal of low moisture percent from powder and similar free flowing materials. Suited to cooling dried product from alternative drying processes.


Continuous Tower Dryer


  • Designed for high capacity continuous flow drying of granular materials, particularly cereal grains, pulses and seeds.
  • Fully automatic control
  • Available in wide range of capacities and sizes.

Typical Applications

Cereal grain and seed product drying and cooling, coffee drying.

Grain Tech Engineering has extensive experience in the provision of drying and cooling installations for a broad range of product types including provision and installation of ancillary materials handling and storage equipment together with associated pollution control facilities to ensure operational compliance with environmental regulatory requirements. Each application is detailed to ensure use of the most suitable equipment and determine the best operating conditions for the client requirements.