SGWG Drum Stabilizing Dryer

  • The drum is designed with straight pipes which are arranged in a peripheral pattern, a thermal insulation jacket for secondary steam is adopted, featuring greatly increased heat transmission efficiency;
  • Steam inlet pipe is sealed with an advanced rotary joint preventing any steam and/or water leakage;
  • The external drum is furnished with thermal insulation material, minimizing the formation of condensation;
  • The key parts are made of strong anti-abrasive material and stainless steel, improving the reliability and durability of the machine;
  • The adopted converter motor, having a wide speed regulating range and effectively controlled stabilizing time, improves the ripening process of pellets and the quality of the finished products;
  • The air regulating throttle ensures the moisture content of the finished product is ≤11%;
  • High capacity, low energy and simple operation and maintenance;
  • Fit for producing prawn feed, eel feed, soft-shelled turtle feed with higher ripening degrees and water stability, and for the stabilizing drying of high-grade poultry and livestock feeds.

SGWG Drum Stabilizing Dryer nz

Model Power (kW) Capacity (t/h) Rotating speed (rpm) Stabilizing time (min) Drum diameter (mm)
SGWG100 5.5 1-2 (prawn feed) 0-10 >20 1000
SGWG120 7.5 3-4 (prawn feed) 0-10 >20 1200