SWGB Soleplate Type Stabilizing Dryer

  • The stabilizing section includes a jacketed structure, which can be peripherally heated, preventing material from non-uniform heating;
  • The special soleplate structure and, the two-way conveying result in the use of a single conveyer belt, extending the drying time;
  • The flap discharging mechanism used for the transfer of material between the stabilizing and drying sections has excellent protection and controllability;
  • The automatic control of steam can be carefully controlled as per the requirement;
  • The self-cleaning function minimizes the hazards from remaining dust;
  • Entirely made of stainless steel, the machine is well protected against the damage from corrosive gas, thus extending its service life;
  • The access door situated in the front side facilitates routine maintenance and repairing. The sight glasses at the sides and on the top cover are helpful for inspecting operation conditions of the machine.
  • Suitable for high-grade hard pellet feeds, for instance, the stabilization treatment of shrimp feed, which can further improve feed quality and offer better ripening degree and water stability.

Soleplate Stabilizing Dryer nz

Model Capacity (t/h) Power (kW)