SGLN Combination Dryer & Cooler

There is an extensive range of dryers, coolers, stabilisers and combinations of all three to suit specific applications. Our most popular and more applicable types are described below and the models listed;

  • Counter flow dryers and coolers: Suited to handling pelleted feedstuffs, flaked product, granules and similar products where gentle non-degradation processing is necessary. (Options 7.1 - 7.5)
  • Rotary drum dryers and coolers: This series handles bulky materials while assisting to break up any lumps of material. (Options 7.6 - 7.7)
  • Belt dryers and coolers: Ideal for bulky products. Offers flexible drying and cooling options with minimum product degradation. (Options 7.8 - 7.10)
  • Fluid bed dryers and coolers: Flexible machinery, used for processing powdered, granulated or flaky materials in various industries, from pharmaceuticals through to breakfast cereals. Sanitary design permits the same machine to process different materials. (Option 7.11)

    This series combines the counter flow transfer principle for both drying and cooling sections into one machine. Its quiet efficient operation makes it an attractive option.

Commercial Combination Dryer and Cooler nz SGLN 14x14: 2.95kW / 4t/h
SGLN 19x19: 3.75kW / 7t/h
SGLN 24x24: 3.75kW / 10t/h