Weighing and Packing


Batch Weigher

proportioning system nzThese weighers are designed for the weighing of ingredient blends. The computer can store the required amount of the individual products and upon selection of a recipe the appropriate ingredients are automatically transported for this weigher permits weight selections of down to 0.100 kg. Weighing is via load cells with metering feed single dosing so as to guarantee very high weighing accuracy. The weighing functions can be recorded an printed out on daily, weekly, monthly or customer basis. Control is not restricted to a single floor. Manual units can be refitted for automatic use at any time, with or without recipe storage.

From the weigh hopper the product passes directly to the integrated transport system. In this way even difficult flowing products are discharged completely.

Fully Automatic Intake and Outloading Weighing (Compact Weigher)

The weighing arrangement forms a single unit with its buffer and following dump hopper which are matched to the capacity of the weigher. The weigh hopper is suspended on load cells which prevents deformations and thus guarantees exact final weight results. The weigh hopper suspension and the actuating components are fitted outside the dust zone. All elements are bolted together for ease of on-site installation even under difficult erection conditions.

The dustproof and space-saving weigher unit is delivered ready-assembled and cabled. The aspiration connection and the air compressor lines are fitted as standard.

Electronic Continuous &/or Bagging WeigherCompact industrial feeder scales nz

The continuous weigher forms the base unit. The four covers of the basic housing can be easily removed without tools to permit direct access to all mechanical components. In continuous operation the weights of the individual fillings are added and the effective current value is indicated. The desired total weight can be preset. The digital display shows up to 99,999.9 kg and can be adjusted within the valid regulations.

Various feeder systems are available including:

  • Slide metering for free-flowing products.
  • Universal belt feeding for difficult to handle products.
  • Double or single screw feeder.
  • Special feeders for products which have peculiar flowing characteristics. 

The weighing station may be incorporated as a complete bagging and packing arrangement inclusive of bag conveying and stitching.