TBLM (b) High Pressure Jet Envelope Filter Dust Collector

Grain Tech can supply a range of hoppers, flat base dust filter collectors and reverse air jet filter collectors, with sizes and capacities that meet emission standards for the toughest dust control problems. Advantages include: added worker safety/comfort, compact designs, up to 99.95% separation efficiency over a wide range of particle types and sizes, low operation and maintenance costs, easy disposal or re-cycling of collected dust.

The TBLMb is a unique jet device, which is equipped with demountable enveloped filter socks to allow easy access for maintenance. Each sock provides up to 1m2 filtering area. Its compact design makes it ideal in small spaces and for applications such as; grinding machines, tip stations and elevator aspiration, as well as fines recovery in a pneumatic conveying system.

High Pressure Jet Envelope Filter Dust Collector nz

TBLMb 4: 0.75kW 600 - 800m3/h

TBLMb 6: 1.5kW 1,200 - 1,700m3/h

TBLMb 9: 2.2kW 1,900 - 2,700m3/h

TBLMb 12: 3.0kW 2,100 - 3,600m3/h

TBLMb 15: 3.0kW 3,200 - 4,500m3/h

TBLMb 21: 5.5kW 3,780 - 6,300m3/h

TBLMb 28: 7.5kW 5,800 - 8,400m3/h

TBLMb 40: 7.5kW 8,400 - 12,000m3/h

TBLMb 56: 7.5kW 9,000 - 15,000m3/h