SWDB Swing Type Pellet Stabilizer

  • The hydraulic discharging device ensures continuous operation without stringent restrictions to the production capacity;
  • A thermal insulation jacket in combination with steam pipes, results in a fine insulation effect and uniform heating of materials;
  • All component parts contacting the material are made of stainless steel with excellent anti-corrosion property;
  • The damped rotation type level indicator, controls the material discharge, which features reliable and unattended machine operations;
  • The sight glass facilitates daily cleaning and maintenance;
  • Vertical arrangement of the machine features compact structure and space saving for installation;
  • This machine, is mainly used within the pelleting step of an aquafeed manufacturing process, the pellets from a pellet mill are as high as 70-90°C, these can be kept in the bin for a certain time so as to facilitate the improvement of the internal texture and nutritive composition and to increase the ripening degree and water stability.


Swing Type Pellet Stabilizer nz


SWDB14 x 14A

SWDB19 x 19A

SWDB234 x 24A

Effective volume (m3) 2 - 2.5 4 - 4.5 6 - 7
Holding time (min)  


Power (kW)


1.5 3

Notes: The power shown does not include the motor power of the airlock.