SLNF Tipping Type Counterflow Cooler

  • Widely used as in the cooling process within the feed industry, the machine is suitable for cooling various kinds of pelleted feeds, expanded feeds, extruded feeds and flake feeds etc.
  • Utilising the principle of counterflow cooling, the machine is equipped with a reciprocating grate type discharging device, which is characterized by its smooth material flow and uniform discharge;
  • The octagon cooling bin has no dead cooling corners, which is beneficial to the cooling treatment of materials;
  • The internal rotary spreader ensures material is a distributed for a uniform and complete cooling effect with reduced breakage, featuring adjustable range of material distribution and lowered power consumption;
  • There are pressure-relief plates provided above the discharging device, which can greatly improve the working load of the discharging device, reduce its distortion, and extend the service life of the component parts;
  • Power transmission is by means of a camshaft driven by a geared motor, featuring smooth operation, high reliability, low noise as well as simple installation and maintenance;
  • The temperature of the cooled pellets is not more than 5°C higher than the ambient temperature, water removal rate is not lower than 3.8%, extending storage time of high-grade pellet feeds;
  • An access door is set in the front side, facilitating daily maintenance and repairs; and some sight glasses are furnished in the sides and on top of the machine for inspecting the running conditions situated.

Tipping Type Counterflow Cooler nz

Model SLNF19x19A SLNF22x22A SLNF24x24A SLNF28x28A SLNF32x32A SLNF36x36A
Power (kW) 1.5 3 3+0.75 3+0.75 5.5+0.75 5.5+0.75
Capacity (t/h) 10 15 15~20 20~25 35 42