MHTD Grain Dryer

  • The new technology, utilising low-temperature hot-air drying, counter-flow preheating, multi-step drying, counter flow cooling and multi-step tempering ensures more uniform drying effects and reduced grain breakage rate;
  • New model of grain intake mechanism, stable and adjustable grain discharger enables the automatic control and adjustment of stock discharging flow to ensure the quality of the dried grains;
  • Grains with ≤18% moisture content are fit to be dried continuously, while grains with ≥18% moisture are fit to be dried by batch drying or by driers in series;
  • Highly intelligent mechatronics ensures the online monitoring and control of the drying medium and the grain inside the machine;
  • Reduced power consumption results due to the full utilization of the heat from the hot air and the exhaust heat of the "waste-air."

Commercial Industrial Grain Dryer nz

Model Capacity (t/d) Increased paddy cracking percentage Magnitude of water drop/1 pass Unit heat consumption (kJ/kg.H2O) Power (kW) Overall Dimensions (m)
MHTD8 200 <3% ≥4% <4800 <60 4X2X25
MHTD12 300 <3% ≥4% <4800 <100 6X2X25