SXFQ Super Fine Grader

  • Utilising the principle of rotary centrifugal separation and back-blow sifting techniques., this machine separates and grades fine powders smaller than 30 mesh, featuring high capacity, excellent performance, simple operation and compact designs;
  • Belt drive transmission results in stable operation and low noise;
  • Screen cylinder with stainless-steel wire screen improves sifting efficiency;
  • Casing with large doors on both sides ensures easy installation and maintenance;
  • Reverse blowing via flat nozzles outside the screen cylinder removes the overs, thus ensuring screen cleaning and therefore the elimination of screen blocking;
  • Due to screen rotation, all parts of the screen cylinder will contact the material, improving screen utilization;
  • Applicable for enhanced sifting and grading of fines in feed, flour, food, chemical, mining and papermaking industries. It is mainly used as a process step following fine grinding or ultra-fine grinding.

 Super Fine Powder Grader nz





Capacity (t/h, 30 meshes screen)



Power (kW)