Biomass Machinery

A complete range of applications are provided together with process for customers to create a set of biomass solidification solutions, integrating design, manufacturing and engineering services as one complete delivery system. Muyang biomass energy industry relies on agricultural development, focusing on four categories of biomass: forest resources, agricultural resources, municipal solid waste and animal manure, realizing changes from energy consumption to energy production, and actively promoting environmental protection and energy structure adjustment .

1. Application fields
Biomass energy solutions application includes: crop residues, wood and its processing residues, manure, municipal solid waste processing.

(1)Wood and wood processing residues
Forest growth and forestry biomass energy production processes, including firewood in the forest tending and thinning operations in the fragmented wood, branches and sawdust and other residues; timber harvesting and processing of branches, sawdust, wood chips and skins, etc. ; forestry waste byproducts, such as the fruit shells and cores.

(2)Crop and crop processing residues
Agricultural waste in the production process, such as crop straw harvest residues (corn stalks, sorghum stalks and straw, etc.); agro-industrial wastes, such as agricultural production process, the remaining rice husk.

(3)Animal manure
Livestock manure, it is the other converting forms of biomass (mainly grain, straw and forage crops, etc.) , including animal manure and their mixtures with bedding.


2.Design technology
(1)Wood pellet technology programs (forestry waste)

(2)Straw pelleting process (wheat straw, corn stalks, rice straw)

(3)Forage particles and briquetting process (barley, alfalfa grass, Pennisetum)

(4)Animal waste treatment process (chicken manure, pig manure)

(5)Waste treatment process scheme (MSW - fertilizer)

3.Equipment recommendation

(1)MPSL80X120 Vertical Crusher

Mainly deal with the object of bark, roots, straw, wood waste and other materials used in construction; equipment feeding speed automatically controlled by PLC based on host load; With remote device, one person can remotely operate; hammer with high wear-resistant materials, ease of removal and replacement; feed hopper by a hydraulic cylinder drive roll, easy maintenance; there is no requirement for the water content of raw material in this equipment;



(2)MSPY series Wood shredder

Control speed with speed control valve; liquid electrically coupled automation control; multiple blade combinations, efficient cutting; high production, low energy consumption, stable running, simple operation.


(3)SFSP132 serie saw dust hammermill

Mainly deal with the object through the chipper processed wood chips and straw broken through the thick feedstocks;
Mill screen hole can be chose φ12-φ20mm;
hammer mill crushing principle is material beating by hammer, hammer of high wear-resistant materials;
Side door open to replace sieve, ease of replacement; door with safety switch, automatic power off when changing screens, safer during screening replacement;
Forward and reverse rotation, hammer wear uniform.

(4)MFSP70×110×2 double-rotor straw crusher

Mainly deal with raw straw, straw can be baled or in bulk ;
Side door for screens replacement, simple and quick;
Hammer mill principle: beating and impacting by hammer, the hammer of high wear-resistant materials, easy removal and replacement;
Crusher equipped with front drive or chain conveyor belt, the bottom material discharging needs to be equipped with belt or pipelines.

(5)MUZL M Serie Pellet Mill

Adopts advanced frequency conversion motor feeder, the force feeding mechanism, uniform feeding, no machine blocking;
Belt speed system, overload protection devices, and iron removal devices, ensuring the safety of equipment;
Bearing automatic lubrication systems, reliable and safe, saving time and labor;

(6)MYKC briquetting machine

Used for grass, straw and other bulk materials briquetting.
Classic dual motor drive, smooth transmission;
Equipped with a speed warning device, safer and more reliable;

(7)Auxiliary equipment

Counterflow cooler

 Vibration Sifter

Automatic packing scale

Dust collector

Scraper conveyor